Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a well-established technique using ultrawideband electromagnetic (EM) signals to image subsurface features.

Noise-Modulated GPR systems uses a form of coded sequence to perform this imaging. Like traditional GPR systems that broadcast brief pulses, the emitted signal is an ultrabroadband time domain signal. Unlike those systems, however, the use of a code adds phase adjustments that spreads the signal over time. Return signals measured by the GPR are then cross-correlated with the emitted code to produce the familiar GPR A-scan signals.

3D NM-GPR: More and better

The NM-GPR systems from CodedRADAR combine advanced noise-modulation techniques with novel hardware for fast high-quality 3D GPR performance.

The NM-GPR approach enables many of the benefits of conventional GPR technologies, while avoiding important limitations.

Its superior receiver efficiency, use of a multiple dedicated receiving samplers and reduced system complexity makes NM-GPR particularly well suited for  rapid 3D applications.