Rapid ground-coupled 3D NM-GPR platform


  • The world’s fastest 3D GPR system, using NM-GPR ultra-rapid coded-signal technology
  • Collect 30 channels of 3D GPR data (4 x standard density pods) or 46 channels (4 x high density pods) at up to 100km/hr (60MPH)
  • Ground-coupled antennas that move with & over surface undulations
  • Trailer or vehicle-mounted
  • Collect within normal traffic flow & avoid need for traffic control
  • Image to approx. 3.0m deep (material dependent)
  • Modular & scalable, use on different sized vehicles
  • Pods lift & stow when not in use
  • Onboard RTK-GPS & IMU for accurate positioning
  • Synchronised sensors (optional):
    • Road surface imagery (continuous)
    • Environmental cameras
    • LiDAR