Push-cart based dual-polarity 3D NM-GPR system (V2.0)


  • Capture highly-detailed surface and 3D subsurface imagery in one pass
  • More compact & lighter 1.2m wide ground-coupled antenna for efficient site coverage & optimum data quality
  • Dual polarity antennas enable two scanning orientations per pass (16 V-V + 16 H-H)
  • Integrated PC ensures reliable performance & bright portable monitor for observing data collection
  • Camera stows away & lighting array folds for compact transportation
  • Integrated array suspension & optional push-assist for effortless scanning
  • Large batteries for all day operation or compact batteries to enable air travel
  • Precise RTK-GPS positioning (supplied) or use with a robotic total station
  • Various wheel and tyre options, integrated brake, adjustable arm angle & integrated stands portable monitor & keyboard
  • Ability to be towed at slow speeds (via optional frame, not shown)