The unique technologies developed by CodedRADAR provide many client benefits, by making site investigations more:

  • Effective: Quick, easy & inexpensive assessment of large or small sites.
  • Low impact: Non-destructive & non-invasive data collection.
  • Low risk: Enables early detection of buried obstructions & defects to reduce the risk of encountering unwanted subsurface ‘surprises’ during construction.
  • Comprehensive: Gathers detailed ‘as constructed’ information above and below ground, to eable better informed project planning.
  • Targeted: Enables precise positioning of physical samples to maximize their benefit & limit site damage.
  • Holistic: Capture surface and subsurface data in one pass for a better informed and more complete understanding of site conditions.
  • Detailed: Ability to record a ‘snapshot in time’ of site conditions, for documentation, monitoring or evidentiary purposes.

Why and when to use the Kerberos™ system:

  • Fast: Kerberos™ is the world’s fastest & most capable 3D GPR system, capable of gathering highly detailed subsurface imagery down 2 to 3 metres below the surface (depending on the materials being investigated) at speeds of up to 100km/hr.
  • Efficient: Investigate large assets such as roads, airport pavements and bridges in their entirety quickly and easily, simply by driving along.
  • Non-disruptive: Gather data at normal traffic speeds, avoiding the need for road closures or traffic control and eliminating public disturbance.
  • Cost-effective: Fast & efficient coverage + elimination of traffic control = lower cost compared to conventional investigation methods or slower GPR technologies.
  • Quality: Uses a modular ground-coupled array, to gather 3D subsurface data at traffic speeds with superior penetration and data quality.
  • Best used on: Roads or airport pavements; large concreted or paved surfaces.

Why and when to use the Lynx system:

  • Flexible: Lynx provides the ability to use single-polarity or dual-polarity arrays for a greater range of applications.
  • Accessible: Enables scanning of smaller, narrow or restricted-access sites.
  • Precise: Can use RTK-GNSS, robotic total station or grid positioning, for precise data location whether scanning outdoors or indoors.
  • Nimble: Lightweight & transportable, enabling easy and low-cost interstate deployment.
  • Best used on: Pavements, footpaths, parks, fields, carparks, service stations.